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Abich is a dynamic Contract Research Organization (C.R.O.) offering R&D clinical and analytical services for third parties, mainly focused on medical devices, cosmetics and drugs.Abich internally developed a clinical division specifically dedicated to perform safety tests and tolerability and efficacy assays on healthy volunteers.Abich also has cell biology, microbiology and analytical chemistry divisions, each of which can perform highly specialized tests or collaborate with the others for wide-range, complex analyses.Abich's cell biology division developed several in vitro safety testing protocols according to OECD methods, as an alternative to animal testing, using specific cell lines or advanced models such as in vitro-reconstructed human tissue. The division can also provide several efficacy tests to support and complete the research and development of cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, medical devices, flavorings, food supplements and detergents. The analytical chemistry division developed specific protocols and analyses for quality controls on finished products or raw materials over the years. The division can also provide accurate analyses using advanced systems such as HPLC, Ultra-HPLC, GC-MS e ICP-OES.The microbiology division provides services for the quantification, search and identification of specific microorganisms, as well as challenge tests, analyses for the evaluation of anti-microbial efficacy and mutagenesis assays.The staff at ABICH includes biologists, specialists in chemical and pharmaceutical techniques, biotechnologists and biomedical engineers. Our personnel is available to design custom analytical protocols and analytical methods for our customers.

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